Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I love February!

January was a fairly busy month at Images Degrading Forever with one thing or another, but February is going to be even busier!

The first love - Doubtland issue 1

Firstly, February is going to be Doubtland Issue 1 month – this has already been printed once and all the copies on offer sold out from eBay

But what is Doubt Land?

That is an interesting question!

Doubtland is my redrawn and re envisioned version of Jim Steranko’s original Heavy Metal Masterpiece.

Long-time readers of this blog will already know I redrew all of the art, but not that I actually went further than this and made it into a complete comic with all new dialogue

In the dialogue I have attempted to combine the experience of redrawing it and parts of the blog entries that went along with it into the framework of the story as I remembered it!

It seems to have worked I have heard from a number of people who I sent preview copies too saying they didn’t even notice the story changes and / or they loved it

The original Steranko art has never been republished in English and is very hard to find in its original form and even the Drawings of Sternako web site which used to show the entire comic online now only shows the first instalment, so this is now the only place to get a complete version of the art (even if it is just redrawn by me)

There will be 4 issues in total, each issue will be 16 pages and will come out monthly, issue 1 February, Issue 2 March, Issue 3 April and finally Issue 4 in May

I have made a promotional video for issue 1 for you to watch

Issue 1 of Doubtland is now reduced down to £1 (which covers print costs, no profit is made from this) and is on sale via ebay

For the rest of February

But why release Doubtland now you may ask?

Good question!

Firstly for the Comics Changed my life event I felt I need to have an actual comic on sale and Images Degrading Forever Weekly (or its collected edition) is not a comic.

Also at the same time I listed a couple of issues of Doubt land on eBay and to my surprise these actually sold!

Finally and possibly the most interesting reason to you readers is that the project has come to the attention of none other than Jim Steranko himself!

Yes I got an email from Jim Steranko, part of which I reproduce below:-

"Quick note to congratulate you on your OUTLAND project, a massive undertaking and thoughtfully executed. 

Had I known, I wouldn't have put so much into it! But glad you survived the ordeal."

I don’t think I could possibly add any more than this, so buy a copy now

The Second Love:- The London Super comic convention

Also in February is the London Super comic convention and Images Degrading forever will be there in force

At the show I will have a very large amount of print copies of Images Degrading Forever Weekly 23 to give away for FREE on a first come, first served basis

Also I will have copies of Images Degrading Forever Collected Edition Volume 1 at £3.00

At this event will be 2 show exclusive previews

Doubtland issue 2 will be on sale at the show just ahead of its March release at £2.50

And a brand new to be announced title of which will I be giving away a few FREE preview copies – Rest assured this is already 99% complete and will be at the show I am just not ready yet to announce what this title is until the show date this will be released to everyone in March

There will also be a few other oddities which will be on offer as well

You can also see me in person– no-one has so far so that’s probably a good thing

Watch for more details as the month goes on!

Heartbroken: Images Degrading Forever Weekly to finish
As soon as the current run of Frank Miller / Klaus Janson Daredevil completes IDFW will come to a natural close, this will be the first week in March with issue 24

This title has been so successful that it has far outgrown its single sheet of paper format and will be given a long overdue expansion and revision into a much bigger title to come out in March, what the new title will be called and what will be inside will be announced – yes it’s the same brand new title that will be on exclusive preview at the London Super Comic Convention and yes it will still be FREE

Share the Love: Feedback competition
Just to update on this the feedback competition is still open, some of the prizes have already gone and what appears here  is all that is left over to choose from – so I will close the Feedback competition just before the London show, if there is any prints left over, these will go on the table at the show for FREE first come, first served.  If any IDFCV1 remain these will be held over for something else…

To enter the feedback completion is simple all you have to do is either post a comment on the be log or send me a email to containing some feedback on this blog. It does not have to be that in-depth or long, but it does have to contain some rationalisation  / explanation / justification for the line of thought

For example you would need to say why you thought the blog was bad or good

I need more Love: Is that all that’s happening in February?
Certainly not, but it’s all I feel safe in announcing right now!

I am always working on something, so please keep looking on the blog for all the latest details! Of course the weekly visit to Kirby’s 2001 has another 9 or so weeks to go yet, so join me Friday for this weeks episode!

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