Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some Enchanted Evening

Let’s set the scene

There are ornate chandeliers overhead, the stars are out to play in every window

a man and woman sit opposite each other at a table in what is clearly an expensive / exclusive restaurant:-

This must be Some Enchanted Evening - right?!

well it all depends on what kind of Enchantment you mean –

As we see Heather is drinking coffee or tea as opposed to wine or champagne (as she is an alcoholic or is on the way to becoming one –which is not covered in this issue) and the conversations is millions of miles away from love.

as she is with Foggy his finger pointing from earlier leading him to meeting with and gently questioning of Heather with a

“Matt's been acting so Strangely… “

Heather counter points with a "he starts tearing my life apart" but then says she “shouldn’t have said that” and then observes “Matts all I’ve got left”

Foggy replies "you don't think he's counting on that?"

"No foggy of course not" confirms Heather

And the conversation ends with a silent stare by Foggy

Quite a lot is confirmed / established in this short conversation

Firstly we can see Foggy has not forgotten what prompted him to point fingers at Matt Murdock and to indeed ask him “is something wrong” and felt strongly enough about it to check how Heather herself feels – seeking to define if further action is needed by how much Heather is hurt or could be hurt by what is or could be happening

Then we have Heather herself, although shown as uncertain and weak personality in earlier issues has now been fleshed out to much more multi-faceted and shows she can stand up for herself (the earlier page where she confronts the boardroom) and can see what’s happening between herself and Matt

But she still apologies for expressing her feelings, her mind torn between the emptiness she feels and need for someone to be with her and the pain that being with that person may bring – she is to a degree blinded by her love for Matt, as this feeling overrides her other vocalised concerns

So this is very much the enchantment in question

The silent stare from foggy says it all, as far as he knows or feels it is not going to end here, which makes perfect sense

Foggy has now got confirmation from Heather herself that his own earlier observations and feelings on Matt’s behaviour are valid and that part of the something that is wrong with Matt Murdock is what’s going on between him and Heather, but what he does not or can not know is where it’s going to go or how far it will go

Foggy is himself if you forgive the pun a bit lost in the fog himself, but possibly a bit more understandably than Heather as he is basing his approach on what he knows about Matt Murdock and how he sees him normally behave

The thing is there a whole lot of stuff Foggy doesn’t know about Matt, that he is Daredevil and all the things that have happened to Daredevil are affecting Matt being two prime examples...

Next week - we break the fourth wall, quite literally....

Images Degrading Forever Weekly 4

Here is issue 4 of IDFW which continues to be completely "sold out" in its rather limited print run - I am hoping that anyone who has got at least one issue of this is visiting here to get hold of the others as I continue to make them.

As usual this proceeds the print version by a couple of days.

I hope you like it!

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