Thursday, 20 October 2011

Breaking the fourth Wall / Jive Talking

Turk is doing both of these in this next completed page:-

With the very dramatic and angularly posed fist going right through from one panel to another, punching the fourth wall to smithereens.

While at the same time espousing what one can only assume is now some rather antiquated variation of street talk, referring to Lavender as a “ya lousy bim” ( Turks emphasis, not mine).

But hang on a moment let’s rewind back to the start of this page and focus on what made that moment happen.

We start with Lavender absently minded opening the window thinking its Daredevil only to be grabbed and snatched out the Window by Turk.

Then we see that straight away Lavender is fighting back and grabbing Turks face.

What is most telling here, is Turk seems to immediately have lost any sense of surprise as well as being immediately dismissed as being anything like a threat  of any nature whatsoever in-between panels

This is without even considering  the fact of how unfeasibly high up they both are, which you would think in and of itself was a good a reason as any not to hit the man who is holding you that high.

So the message of Turks total ineptitude as Stilt-man (or in general) is literally hit home by Lavender herself.

So that’s why Turk felt the need to hit back in such a dramatic fashion, it’s almost as if he recognised that if he can’t even kidnap someone and rely on the stolen stilt man suit and the height it brings to anyone he is grabbing hold of then what use will he be to anyone.

The Punch also gets extra emphasis in part as a response to the Kingpins earlier dismissal– Overall this page is another big hit against the stilt man characters usefulness as a villain overall.

This I suppose justifies Turks reaction he is angry and fed up of being dismissed, ignored and not taken seriously and this event was just the straw that broke the camels back, as the expression goes.

But it’s not just height that the Stilt-man suit has given Turk, as Frank and Klaus absolutely deliberately decided that Turk wearing the suit had to be defined in super villain proportions, particularly in terms of showing that suddenly Turk has gained muscle definition whereas previously he had none.

How much of that is a nudge and a wink at this common practice and how much of this is Frank and Klaus saying that the suit comes with some fake muscle pre-installed (as Wilbur day isn’t shown as being remotely muscular out of the suit either) is an interesting point to consider. 

But if we bare in mind most of this issue is focused on obviously having some fun at poor Stilt man’s / Turk’s / Wilbur Day’s expense then I tend to think it’s a bit of the former as well

Next week I am very proud to introduce and feature guest artist Alexander Hunt, who has very generously contributed his own, much more considered and defined efforts to the next page of Daredevil as well as agreeing to talk a bit about himself!

As I think I have mentioned a few times, anyone is more than welcome to contribute to this in any way they may like!



The print edition of IDF continues to be popular and may well even start appearing in more than just one location, which will obviously be very good for me if that does happen

Here it is, as usual a few days ahead of seeing print I hope  you enjoy it

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