Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Covering Steranko / Paging Salvador Dali...

Those amongst you who have been keeping on eye my earlier blog post

It aint over until it's over

Will have seen I got another suggestion from Tony Robertson, web master supreme from the seminal Drawings of Steranko web site.

Tony was kind enough to be okay with me "borrowing" the original Outland from his site for me to re-draw so a big tip of the hat for that..

And for this:-

My vote would be for you to do that series of Steranko Marvel covers from 1969. It would include Nick Fury 1-7, Captain America 110, 111 and 113, Hulk Annual #1, X-Men 49-51, and the rejected Tower of Shadows #1 and rejected Captain America 113.

That's a good suggestion as then I could use the blog space to actually discuss Steranko's career - something which I was uncomfortable doing within the confines of Outland

And to give you an rough idea of what this would look like, at least art wise - I have chosen to try and re-do the cover to Nick Fury 7 which Tony says is "My favourite Steranko cover"

Here is the original - again from Tony's excellent site

Which I think we can safely say owes a bit to the work of Salvador Dali -- like this example ...

and Jack Kirby's photo collages - like this example

- Which is where I do have to say that Steranko did use collage on his cover of 7 - whilst I tried to draw the entire thing by hand - newspaper print and all...

and the results... hmmm - Well I let you all be the judge of that - there is a few mistakes here though

So if the vote does go for re doing all those cool Steranko covers I think I will try again with this

Fair enough?!

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