Sunday, 14 November 2010

Photo primitivist no more?

Hi everyone - I have nearly finished my other project and should return to Outland sometime this week, probably Wednesday, so not long to go!

In the meantime I have heard from Dave Sim… I had a bunch of "Glamour-gals" from earlier this year taking up space on the table I use to draw and I sent them off, accompanied with my usual rhetoric about how bad they are… ( I said they was 97% bad)

Yes it appears I have learnt next to nothing from doing this previously, as last time I did this, I ended up on the cover of and inside Glamourpuss 12, inside Glamourpuss 14 and being featured on Cerebus TV (Episode 18)…

Anyway this is what Dave has to say..

"I think you're under-rating your achievement here.  I'd say the improvement is closer to a good 20 to 30% better.  In fact, in gp 17 or 18 (I think 18) glamourpuss will be dropping you as an agent because you've completely LOST that Photoprimitivist quality to your work and now are JUST an aspiring photorealist.

Considering the source, high praise indeed."

Well, rather than get into much debate - let me say that:-

1) I never considered myself good enough to be a primitivist in the first place

2) While I did use photos it was only the most fleeting glance

3) I certainly would never describe myself as a "genius" (as I was on the cove of Glamourpuss 2) but then that was OBVIOUSLY a joke?!

Anyway the upshot of all of this is yours truly will feature in Glamourpuss once last time, to be fired by Glamourpuss one presumes and possibly one of the many, many awful drawings I sent will get featured - but I reallllly hope that is not the case this time around…

Oh this will either be January 2011 for issue 17, or March 2011 for issue 18 so a fair way off into the future before I officially loose the mantle that was not mine anyway

What you want to see one of these drawings?! Are you crazy..

Oh go on then, you can't say I didn't warn you

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