Thursday, 18 November 2010

Outland - The Methods - "inking" part 2

So, Okay I have a panel with base linework, and I said I use 2 more processes before having something finished

The first process I describe as "inside line" / small blacking in

For this I use a standard handwriting pen - small blacking in is reasonably self explanatory - anything that is too tiny for a large black out will get blacked out using the handwriting pen

"inside line" is where I will draw a line using the handwriting pen inside a object that needs more or a lot of blacking out

So in our example panel I have done "inside line" on the big lettering and on the figure:-

Another thing I have done is made the outside edge of the figure "pop" a bit by doing the outside line again with the handwriting pen

The next process is simply blacking in and for this I use a liquid ink rollerball pen!

Now the reason I do the inside line on any large object requiring black out is because the rollerball tends to make doing a fine crisp and straight line a bit difficult and its very easy to just go right over a tiny bit of white that should be left behind.

If you remember the Sean Connery drawing..

At this stage above all I had done was a bit of base line work some inside line and all the rest was just waving the rollerball over the white until none was left to show - like I said before when I first showed this page, it's a neat way of creating the illusion a lot of work was done - as a lot of the page is now filled

but with Outland its all in the detail, and there is mountains of it!

So anyway here is the panel all blacked in and as finished as it  ever will be:-

And this is a pure black and white scan rather than a greyscale as previous, notice how the pencils are now completely invisible - no erasing necessary - another neat trick to use in conjunction with the 4h pencil

and for comparison purposes here is what the black and white version of the original page scan looks like:-

So you can probably see in quite a number of ways how having a really big figure is easier to do than any of these tiny details as you have to almost reinterpret for these details to show up - and unfortunately this means the end result gains some of my "style" for want of a better expression

oh well, you can't win them all!

Anyway that was probably a exhaustive warts and all look at what I am using as methods, so now I can just carry on drawing without having to explain anything further and return to sometimes random and sometimes salient commentary on the art, the movie, the characters and the actors portrayed!

So some good news there?!

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