Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Outland - The Methods - "inking" part 1

Outland - The Methods - "inking" part 1 

So okay I have a penciled page - next up is "inking"

As it normally takes a 2-3 days  to put "inking" in place  for one page I have decided to focus on doing just one of the small side panels

Here is the barely visible pencils - the panel is very tiny 73mm wide and 49mm high and is not meant to be seen this large

Though I have not shown this previously I actually break down what I call inking into three separate processes, I will cover the next two next time around

The first process I describe as base linework

I use a ultra fine drawing pen, the smallest tip I could find (it has a 01 on top as its 0.1mm) and I use this to draw lines where I think they should go, this type of pen is ideal for tiny tiny details - I look at the black and white print out and the pencils, I use the pencils as a guide if they are not clear enough and will line as close to what I can see on the black and white print as I can manage - and I will line to the pencils if I think they are not too far from what I can see.

As I think I have mentioned before I try and line inside a shape that will be filled in with black and outside a shape that will be left white - some of the bits of white that will be left are really tiny and need all the help they can get!

I spent around 45 minutes on this bit of base linework - again the panel is very tiny 73mm wide and 49mm high and is not meant to be seen this large - you can see that I have particular problems with hand lettering - which is why I have left the speech balloons all blank so far so apologies for that

Tomorrow I will be letting loose the handwriting pen and possibly the roller ball on this panel as those are the tools I use for stages 2 and 3 respectively….

Oh and hello to whomever is tweeting about my blog!

I would love to hear any comments anyone has, by all means tell me to shut up if I am going on too much!

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