Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Dude Abides!

Golly - did I get carried away in my last blog entry or what?

So carried away I forgot a few things :-

A Big Thank you to Matt  "The Dude" Seneca who's views and praise are really out of this world

I guess it's more than fair enough to say "The Dude Abides..."

And this Dude is going to get the chance to be the first Professor of Comics at UCLA

If nothing else this shows finally how important comics actually are to culture as a whole, no more dismissive "it's just for kids" it is now serious enough to study at one of the most prestigious colleges anywhere!

About time - don't forget everyone - "kicking the doors down, both barrels blazing - now that IS comics" as Matt's uber blog and his rocking podcast will readily attest

And a special thank you and hi to Sean Witzke whose quote I misappropriated the last blog entry

Now - normal service will resume next time around!

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