Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Just the little things

Well okay - not Just - the little things in Steranko's art are piled a mountain high

Take the line work I managed to do so far:-

Now see if can find the door behind the two tiny seated anonymous crew members I managed to line -

The door is done in negative form to show the shadow at the end of the corridor - that might not sound that unusual until you figure out quite how small this is - those crew members have even tinier detail - I can only guess how large Steranko worked on these panels originally but they must have been fairly big for all that detail to come through reproduction and there is literally thousands of tiny details in each page - this is one of the things that attracted me to the original art - as its such a tour-de-force in a number of ways - a combination of massive looming figures, whited out shadows and incredibly tiny figures all in the same panel!

The thought and planning that went into how to combine all these elements and maintain a fluidity of storytelling is beyond inspirational its almost refining the art of comic story telling as its known

Jim - I take my hat off to you on this!

Tomorrow, luck and a bit of work willing - we might just discuss time...


  1. Lookin' hot! What size ARE you working at? I believe Steranko worked at least double print size mot of the time (which woulda been 11x17 on Outland).

  2. Hey Matt I am using A4 paper size which is 8.3 x 11.7 inches - thats 2.7 inches less tall and 5.3 inches less wide !