Sunday, 26 September 2010

Here's page 4 - But where's page one?

As I am short on time next week - I have got ahead and page 4 is finished :-

I heard from Tony Robertson - from the excellent The Drawings of Steranko site:-

Who asked :- "I was wondering why you did not start with page 1 of Outland?"

Good question!

The reason I did not do page one is that I am adding a photo of Jupiter into any finished page that needs it -like I did with the first completed double spread - as I am not going to pretend I can paint - and if its all of the page rather just little bit I might as well put at photo of a lot of stars in the background rather than use my bad method for doing stars - all that leaves is a couple of boxes for the story text to go in, a outline showing the page edge , a circle for where the Jupiter photo should go and the Outland logo.

All I physically need to draw is the Outland logo on its own surrounded by a bit of black - which I will probably do later - I will probably leave this to last and see how far I get in my efforts - and save it as a treat for completing the project - after all I am going to have to at least get lettering done to make it a completed product!

And yes the Lettering will be done most likely by computer - unless someone wants to download a finished page and add lettering? This is a open project - anyone can grab a page of pencils, ink them, add lettering colouring etc - it would be great if anyone wanted to join in!

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