Tuesday, 14 September 2010

First Page done!

After 3 days of solid inking here is the first page completed:-

Those small panels took a lot longer than I figured and make me wonder how hard is the next page going to be...

This is what the scan of the next page looks like:-

A lot of very tiny and delicate detail there even in the big 3/4 of a page  panel - it's so easy to black in a tiny white line that's supposed to be there in the final unless you constantly reference the original!

That and one other little rule I am trying to remember to be filed under The Methods - always outline the outside of a shape that is going to remain white inside - and (you guessed it) always outline the inside of a shape that's going to be black

Sounds simple and possibly even condescending but I keep having to remind myself this, particularly on those tiny panels where one line out of place is - no good!

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