Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Super Spidey-Man Issue 2

Say, do you like Marvels 1970's Star Wars comics?

Do you like Peter Parker as Spider Man?

Well here, you can have BOTH in one far out comic!

It's back to the past twice over, first to not that long ago February 2014, and then way back to sometime in the late 1970s.... with Super-Spidey Man Issue 2!

This issue includes part 2 of STAR JAWS guest starring Marvel Boy and Paul the Gorilla

BONUS to explain the appearance of Rita the Director (as she appears unnamed in STAR JAWS) the back up strip is "Lights, Camera, Oops!"

This issue also does NOT feature a guest appearance from Alan Moore...

I hope you enjoy it

NEXT WEEK:- Super Spidey-Man! Issue 3

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