Wednesday, 11 December 2013


This week I present for the first time the complete “what men” in one “easy to read” blog posting…

Disclaimer / A Cautionary warning
This is possibly the most perplexing, confusing and contradictory, not to mention experimental project I have ever undertaken

It can also said to be controversial or possibly have controversy pushed into it, as it can arguably be said to be a rage against the dying of the light regarding the comics industry

It can also be said to be the equivalent of being blindfolded, spun around until you are dizzy and then dropped into a maze of mirrors with no actual escape

It might be described as a slight of hand magic trick as its all done with smoke (the dialogue) and mirrors (the art)

Of course it is instantly recognisable while at the same time being something completely different, it is a infinitely nested boxes of contradictions which once they have cancelled each other out leave you with… nothing?

It is supposed to be humorous but one can't decide it is "funny ha - ha" or "funny - peculiar"

It is probably best to consider this project as not only just a mistake, but quite possibly the biggest mistake I have ever made and to not read any of what follows at all as it’s frankly awful

Or it may not be awful, I can’t really decide what follows is for you or not, only you can make such a decision, some people may like it, others may hate it, and some people may be determined to flame me until I have burned to a crisp for even attempting this - all these opinions and more are all equally valid

This project was just something that I felt I had to do at the time, and for the record what follows is not literally my opnion but rather an attempt to summarise all the various opinions that was going around at the time with regards to creators rights issues, using the famous and biggest selling example of how badly wrong creators rights can get

“What men” is only part of the actual title which is in fact (forgive the sexisim)  “If the measure of a man is in his moral and ethical behaviour then what men run the comics industry”

As to if you should read or or not - “I leave this in your hands”


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