Thursday, 26 December 2013

Marble Post Mortems!

This is a different approach to a project than I have taken previously of a number of reasons :-

This project is a direct result of a request made to myself in person via the Orbiting Pod Episode 133 by Taylor Lilley , Chris Thompson, Adam Karenina Sheriff and Robin Harman (no relation) of Orbital Comics (if you want to listen this starts at 30 minutes into the podcast roughly )which essentially was a plea to deconstruct the Marvel Previews Catalogue in view of the crazily confusing numbering Marvel comics use and  then push that through the prism of “Images Degrading Forever”.  
I had to guess which facet of Images Degrading Forever the team at Orbital was referencing, so I decided to chose a similar approach to WHAT MEN with the text, so lots of word play and recursive self referential elements referring to each other, however this project is completely nonsensical and does not have a larger meaning other than what is glaringly obvious, so be careful to not fall down into the rather large rabbit hole I have dug looking for larger meanings
While there are images in the below  these are all photos sourced from the internet - I have not actually drawn anything by hand for this project, for one thing the deadline was 1 week from concept to print, for another it gave me much greater flexibility in easily finding something that would fit - so I hope that was okay. It is a kind of side project of Images Degrading Forever.

I do hope you enjoy the enclosed and accept this as a rather strange Christmas Present from me to you for all of your support to date, but as I hope you know, I rarely approach anything in a conventual manner!

And for those of you who was interested in The Orbiting pods reaction to the Marble Post Mortems, listen to Episode 134 - at around 06:55 

NEXT WEEK:- Just when you thought it was safe to read a comic…. 

It’s STAR JAWS!!!!!

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