Wednesday, 4 September 2013


This week I am putting the future of this blog in the hands of everyone who reads it!

It only seems fair and right that you should be able to chose what project will appear on this blog next, so here are a few choices to help you all along (with a sample recreation for each) in no particular order

Just for any new visitors, I will attempt to recreate an entire comic by hand, pencils, inks and lettering

The Man Of Steel Mini Series Issue 1 - Written and penciled by John Byrne

This would be an good opportunity to compare the recent superman movie of the same name to the comic book series, both of which look at Superman's origins

Super Spidey Stories 31: Star Jaws

Possibly something a lot more light hearted would be better after The Human Fly, I certainly had a lot of fun with my attempt at Spidey-man vs gnat man and rotten

Iron Man 231: Penciled by Barry Windsor-Smith

This would be a good place to look at the career of Barry Windsor-Smith

Something else entirely: Please specify in comments on this blog entry

Of course I can make an attempt at something completely different which you would prefer to see, there is only a few rules - 1) It can only be a single issue of a comic book that is not more than 30 pages (sorry but at one page a week, it will take too long to do anything else) 2)It has to be an existing comic book that has been printed

As an example do have most of pages of "Tales of The Black Freighter" already drawn waiting for something to happen to them
I am going to give you all just one week to vote that is until September 11th 2013, please vote by posting a comment on this blog post.

One other thing, there will have to be at least 30 votes in total received.

One reason I am asking you all to vote is that the number of people viewing this blog has decreased to the point where I have to see if anyone is actually interested in seeing anymore of this blog at all!

If by this time next week, I have less than 30 votes, then I will wrap up this blog with a few items which have not appeared on the blog before!

Thank you all for your votes

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  1. I vote for Super Spidey Stories 31: Star Jaws (for purely sentimental reasons)