Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Doubtland Issue 1 of 4

Starting this week I present some items from the Images Degrading Forever archive - a good place to start is with some items never seen before on this blog and previously only available (in a very limited) print run

That would be the 4 issue "Doubtland" my first "comic" and also my attempt at re-drawing and re-dialoguing Jim Steranko's Outland adaptation as originally printed in Heavy Metal (and never reprinted in english to this date)

As this was my very first project (drawing started in September 2010) the attempt at recreating the page is very rough and ready or degraded if you prefer -also I think the attempt to make more sense of the story in terms of what was missing from the art with dialogue may not have been that good

Still I hope you enjoy issue 1 and join me next week for issue 2

NEXT WEEK: Issue 2

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