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Where it's time for Spider-man to join in and help The Human Fly, causing The Mercenary to get "The blazes out of here" but NOT if The Human Fly can help it in this next recreated page:-

Before we pick up from last week, one thing that does bare mentioning is the appearance of spider-man within the pages of The Human Fly comic, while one may dismiss this possibly as something Marvel routinely did (and possibly still do ) when introducing a new character there was actually both a legitimate story reason and a legally binding reason for featuring spider-man

That was to make it clear that The Human Fly was not the villain of the same name as first featured in The Amazing Spider-man annual 10

Which was written by none other than… Bill Mantlo

Anyway this Human Fly is actually Richard Deacon, was not at all based on a real person and yes, was created by… you guessed it, Bill Mantlo…! You can read more about Richard Deacon here…

The inclusion of Marvel Universe characters into The Human Fly did however create an ongoing tension in the letters pages - in my opinion The Human Fly comic was a little bit more realistic and more closer to the laws of physics and reality as we know them than a typical Marvel comic,  so yes a actual man bitten by a radioactive spider does seem a little bit put of place…

But it's one of many lines which are blurred within The Human Fly comic, which brings us neatly to last week, when we started delving through issue 11 "a true-to-life account of the near-tragedy at Montreal" or so the the cover copy would have us believe

Having found disputes with the recreation of that actual event and Ky Michealson's telling of the event, we moved on to ask what did The Human Fly do next in the comic after the accident…

In this page below we see The Human Fly make an attempt ("A Second chance") at another motorcycle stunt, this time to ride over the full length of the Gateway Arch St. Louis, Missouri…

which looks (in real life) something like this

The next page provides emapahsis for how vertically challenging the first part of the arch would be and how important it is for the Human Fly to succeed

And having made it to the top its plain sailing all the way down, with the event and its success being a very cathartic event for The Human Fly, who has shown he has regained his self belief as a result of this successful attempt…

To conclude we see the Human Fly about to perform a song and at the bottom we can see "The Monteral stunt took place on October 7, 1977 as depicted" (which clarifies that the rest that follows above is clearly fiction)

If any further proof was needed as to the source of the "real-life" elements in this story the I think this seals the deal, again its completely what the Publicity for The Human Fly stated on the letters page, as shown in this blog a few weeks ago

So what did the Human Fly do in real life after Montreal?

Unfortunately It does not appear to be question with an answer

I can find no evidence that is available to suggest that The Human Fly did any stunts of any description at all after Montreal or ever actually did a performance as a singer or part of band or anything similar at all, in fact after the Montreal Motorcycle incident The Human Fly appears to have more or less vanished from sight, not to be seen in public in any big way ever again

I leave to come to your own conclusions on this, before I provide my own in two weeks time…

NEXT WEEK : The Real Human Fly visits the offices of Marvel comics, complete with very murky photographs

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