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The Human Fly Was Born!

Welcome to part 15 of

In which we conclude the flashback origin of The Human fly, showing his inspiration, to help other people with disabilities and then returning to his precarious position riding on the outside of a Jumbo Jet at speed, a Jet The Human fly intends to board, as this next recreated page shows:-

If you was with me last week, I suggested that The Human Fly's origin was possibly fictional - this is mostly from the point of view that actual proof of the events as described are not readily available - 

Still I was far from the only person who had this point of view, witness part of a letter from Micheal White as printed in the letters page of The Human Fly Comic, issue 5:-

"…was he" (The Human Fly) "really in a car accident as described in your story and in your letters pages?  If you know this for sure, where do you get your information?  If it's widely publicised, then wouldn't the doctors who healed him know who he is? (I don't imagine there are metal-reinforced bone cases everyday!)"

and the response…

"…yes, The Fly was in a car accident, and the incident shown in our books was a recreation of that.  Our sources: The Fly! You tend to believe a guy who's doing as much good - without renumeration - as he is.  As for the docs who put him back together, plus some - the Fly tells us he swore them to secrecy"

On the surface this seems to make sense, its well known that a doctor does not normally share patient information and in fact has a oath not to do such a thing.

But the actual process of the operation and in particular what steps would have to been taken to make sure the Human Fly could still generate red or white blood cells (as any metal limbs would obviously not have had bone marrow, and in case as extreme as what the fly is described as having where most of his skeleton was replaced, this would have been one of many problems, all  of which are lethal), so I would have thought at the very least as Michel White himself implies that there would have been a medical journal article about something like this

And I think we have seen enough doubt in the veracity of The Human Fly as source of information…

But to be fair -again as I said last week - the motorbike crash at Montreal Olympic Stadium was very real and The Human Fly was definitely injured in this, so let's focus on that and see how much the phoenix myth is followed by The Human Fly and use that to help us decide how likely it is The origin of the Fly (and his skeleton being all metal) is true or not…

And once again, let us return to the letters page of The Human Fly comic, issue 8:-

"As we announced on this page on HUMAN FLY 5, the real Human Fly was scheduled to make a rocket-motorcycle jump over 25 buses - a new world's record - at Montreal's Olympic Stadium on October 7th.

Well the Fly made the jump, but only seconds after he blasted off a long ply-board ramp, the motorcycle lost power, the back wheel dropped, and the Fly crashed onto the top of one of the buses only yards away from the receiving ramp"

Now, compare the above to Ky Michaelson's story (as related in earlier instalments) and already there are quite a number of discrepancies

The motorcycle did not loose power nor have any mechanical fault at all, it went off the launch ramp at the wrong angle and stalled, and then "the rear end dropped, nearly arching the bike completely backwards as it hit the receiving ramp hard, before then crashing down on him.", so actually landed on the receiving ramp, not yards away from it..

So The Human Fly actually succeeded in his stunt according to Ky! You would have thought whoever was writing the information being sent to The Human Fly comic would have very much focused on that, but no they Said the Human Fly failed?!

To continue with the story from the letters page:-

"Crashing through the plywood covering, the Human Fly was trapped in a tangle of iron struts, and lay there without moving while security guards thought to free him, fighting back a tearful crowd that had rushed onto the field to get a better view.

Despite the violence of the impact, the stuntmen was still conscious and raised both arms above his head in a salute to the crowd as he was lead away on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance."

while all Ky Michaelson had to say was :-

"He'd survived the crash, and he'd done it-he had broken Evil's record, but not without paying the price. He waved to the crowd as he was carried off on a stretcher, suffering a broken ankle and a couple other injuries."

And it's only Ky, who actually tells us what the injury was

But the point is still, yes The Human fly did in fact injure himself, so the question is now - what did he do next

Does The Human Fly soar to greater nights and thus affirm his origins?

Find out, starting NEXT WEEK!

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