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The Lost Worlds Of 2001: Part 2 - From Scanned pages

Before I start - as usual - a few words

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In case you was the one person in the world who didn't know yet - Doubt land is my re-envisaged version of Jim Steranko’s lost / overlooked Outland movie adaptation, which has never been reprinted in English and is very hard to get hold of and is on sale at a bargain price

The Lost Worlds Of 2001: Part 2 - From Scanned pages
Carrying on from last week - I share my 2nd attempt to start work on redrawing Jack Kirby's 2001 movie adpatation

As I mentioned last week, one reason that pushed the decision to not attempt to work from Kirbys pencils was the fact that they are not all available!

Another reason I did not mention last week is that pencils for some pages did not ever exist anyway, as there are quite a few pages of photo montages using pictures from the movie itself - in terms of hand drawn art there are pages showing the layout and panels for these pages but not much else!

Anyway having got myself a copy of the 2001 Treasury Edition, I instantly run into a problem - the printed pages was too big

Not only bigger than I could reproduce on a print out of a scan, but actually too big to scan as well

So I tried to scan roughly half a page and take the two scans and put them together and make sure the overlap was as perfect as i could make it and then print on A4 paper for pencil tracing…

Here is the scans of the splash page:-

Having done this I proceeded with my usual methods same as I have done for all projects to date - to try and pencil trace as tight as I can - then to fine line and black as good as i can manage

This is how the first page turned out:-

And at least it looked a bit better than the first attempt - but I was still doubtful

As well of course as trying to reproduce the art I also had to consider how to make the process into a blog and I was struggling with this - The number of pages for the 2001 movie adaptation made this kind of daunting - the only thing I knew I could talk about at length would be the concepts behind 2001 itself rather than the actual comic...

Anyway I moved onto the next page and again did 2 scans and this was easier as i did not have to make such a perfect match as i scanned in to the edge of a panel and started the next scan on the top of the next panel - like so

I figured to myself that if I focused on the panel (the last one at the bottom) with the biggest and clearest detail to start off with maybe it would not seem so bad, as even on this scan I still could barely make out anything for the first panel that clearly

So I drew as far as follows:-
And made a number of mistakes on inking "moon watcher" to the point that I felt I had ruined the fine line work for the face which I felt had come out fairly well

But it was this that finally made me decide I was on the wrong path - If i couldn't make a nice big panel like this look good then I wouldn't have much of a chance with the rest!

So I decided to ask you all what I should do next, which led to a vote and to me moving onto doing an entire issue of Frank Milers and Klaus Jansons Daredevil which was a great idea and gave me lots of good experience

This brings us full circle as I have now finished the 2001 Project and the question is, What is next?

I would like to hear any suggestions you may have - but yes - I did have an idea and have even drawn a number of pages - in fact I even went as far as to put a drawing of this next idea in the final panel of the 2001 project under the Next… caption only to decide later to black this out…

Why..? you may ask - well this was that panel…

If you would like to see more of that - please post a comment!

In the meantime I will start work on a short little project for the next few weeks…!

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