Sunday, 1 April 2012

Awesome April

Another new month already - where does the time go?!

Could one of the below items be a "joke"…? hmm…. well let's see…

April is DoubtLand 3 Month

Issue 3 of “Doubt-land” is on sale now for just £1 a copy via eBay to anyone in the world

Just click the link below

In case you have been holidaying on the moon (Hey, where's my postcard?!) Doubt land is my re-envisaged version of Jim Steranko’s lost / overlooked Outland movie adaptation, which has never been reprinted in English and is very hard to get hold of and is on sale at a bargain price

Comica Comiket
Images Degrading Forever will be at this years Comica Comiket, Saturday 21st April 2012

There will be a lot of special advanced copies of Mays Images Degrading Monthly given away for FREE

And I will have all 4 issues of Doubtland on offer on the day with several advanced copies of the 4th and final issue on offer

There is of course more details to come - for a list of current exhibitors have a look below, its worth coming even if you'd rather not see me (that makes two of us)

Images Degrading Monthly
The Second issue of the very popular Images Degrading monthly will be going to print and will also be available digitally Saturday 7th April - if you want a digital copy just send me a email to and its yours

When I say popular I mean 240 copies of issue 1 just vanished like that !

It couldn't happen here
What will be my next project after 2001 is finished? Well could it be this…?

A comic book adaptation of the cinematic masterpiece called "It couldn't happen here" starring The Pet Shop Boys - Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe??

In which an brand new and never tried before method of depicting a narrative in comics is used called "TimeSize" in which the size of the panel is literally defined by how long that particular image stays on the screen - the longer the image is shows in the movie, the bigger the panel will be in the comic with one page roughly representing 30 seconds

I estimate this will consist eventually of around 172 pages (as the movie is 86 minutes long) and will take something over 3 years (at least) to actually complete

Of course It wouldn't be the same without text and I will of course have blog entries for each page in which dive into all the weighty philosophical discussions in the movie, like how the ventriloquists dummy is an existentialist and why Joss Ackland doesn't yell "Diplomatic immunity" in this movie (but another one entirely)

And of course I won't be able to resist spending quite some time examining the link between Captain Britain and Neil Tennant…


Okay you got me - the above is of course a April Fool… Of course it couldn't happen here and it isn't going to - so you won't have to ask "what have i done to deserve this"...

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