Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sights that stagger the mind and assault the senses!

 A few words before we start

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Images Degrading Monthly
Debuting for the first time, I am proud to present Images Degrading Monthly! In this landmark issue in all new never before seen articles I feature the art of Marcia Mihotich, Sarah Lightman  I review “Tangles” by Sarah Leavitt and for the first time I will reproducing Kirbys 2001 with 4 pages of art and words!

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Sights that stagger the mind and assault the senses!

Is what both we and Decker to get to see on this next completed page of Jack Kirby’s 2001:-

In the second ground breaking 4 panel spread in this issue alone, the scope and breadth of storytelling used in these 4 panels itself is staggering and all contain a real sense of artistic beauty

The drawings alone could be presented on their own without any dialogue and admired by themselves as fantastic works of art

The fact that such power and beauty is poured into the central point (or one could argue the whole entire reason) of the story truly underlines the ability of Jack Kirby as a story teller

Firstly Decker becomes like a comet, blazing its trail towards us in a race with other comets all heading in one direction at a speed that only one can guess

Next we are behind Decker who could be in free-fall above an utterly alien and ravaged landscape as the sun of an unknown planetary system crosses the horizon, Decker heading towards the surface

Then Decker is almost a grain of dust within a dust storm surrounding an impossibly large and totally alien creature

The last panel shows Decker has had his world turned completely inside out not sure where up or down is or even if they apply as his face is locked eyes wide open in a soundless scream

These panels can actually be looked at in almost any order they could even be a different point of view of the same scene, this is clearly not reality after all

It is here where at least I can finally see or understand what was motivating Kirby to work on 2001 in the first place, the question of is there something more than just man, and if so what is the next level

Is it gods like in the fourth world saga?

The eternals

Or something else completely

And if so how does man get to that stage?

All making the message that there is bigger and bolder future for mankind if we can hang in there long enough and refrain from killing each other

This is Kirby’s cosmic works taken to the next logical state that of transfiguration of something that’s clearly a man into …

Well let’s see

There are two infinitely better considerations of this page at the Kirby museum web site – enjoy!


The ego has landed
Apparently I might just feature on a podcast  or even in a exhibition  - Though you need sharp eyes and open ears (or is that the other way around) to notice either, hey thats why i am telling you about them!

Honestly thanks to all involved, its certainly more than I deserve!

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