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He who doth Procamelus / IDF “for sale”

That is what “The one who hunts alone” does in this next completed page of Jack Kirby's 2001:-

But wait a moment lets do a “Wakipedia” test -

“Procamelus is an extinct genus of terrestrial herbivore the family Camelidae, endemic to North America from the Oligocene through Miocene 20.6—4.9 mya, existing for approximately 15.7 million years”

So I suppose Promacmelus at least lived in North America, that’s got to count for something?

It would obviously be a quite a few years before his distant ancestors would turn out to be the misappropriated idol of “cool” for teenagers in the form of Joe Camel... and some how get all the way over to egypt...

But before you all accuse me of “blowing smoke”, let’s go back to the start of the page - over half of which is devoted to “he who hunts alone’s” ruminations about “The Others” (several million years before “Lost”!)

“He who hunts alone” is on the look out for “the others” to be sure they are not around as they consider him to be “in union with a evil spirt that lives in stone” while “he who hunts alone” hates “the others” as they “can not hear it’s (the monolith’s) voice”

This is important to consider here, as we have one lone person set aside an outsider, who thinks and acts different due to the Monolith, but we the reader already know he is not the first person to meet the Monolith and previously (in the 2001 movie adaptation) the Monolith inspired a whole tribe of man-apes to use tools

Are we going to see any reasoning for this change in the monoliths actions as the comic goes on?

Picking his moment very carefully “He who hunt’s alone” jumps down from his perch onto the nearest neo camel who makes a run for it taking “He who hunt’s alone” for the ride

I will pause here a moment to have a closer look at the face in the first panel and admire the work of Jack Kirby and Mike Royer here.  Here we have a neo man, ragged rough with the protruding eyebrow, muscular and dangerous, yet at the same time clearly able to contemplate his situation and think deeper, a combination of thought and barely held back savage are combined into his expression as “he who hunts alone” disdains “the others”.

I liked this so much I have taken my redrawn version of this into this piece which I have recently made as a desktop background, maybe you will like this as well?

It all just came together so well in my view it kind of bordered on surreal, there are three words used to describe and now finally three drawings from three different projects to cover each word

But enough of that! Will “he who hunts alone” end up chowing down on Camel?

Find out - Next week

Comics changed my life

It is now just a few days until Saturday 17th December where I will be taking my first turn behind the table at a comics event since this blog started!

For those who can make it 2 copies of all the following will be on sale plus there will be free print copies of issues 12 and 13 of Images Degrading Forever and you can also unfortunately see me in person

For all of you who will not be able to make it on the day I am offering all the following items for sale via eBay (links follow each item) all items will be starting from just £1 and all proceeds will go 100% to Macmillan.

I will be trying to twitter events  as the day goes along - so follow me  @imagesdegrading on Saturday 17th December to get the “full SP”

Items for sale

A very limited edition print run 2 copies of IDFW Collected Volume 1 this will contain issues 1 -12 of Images Degrading Weekly, the first half of the Frank Miller / Klaus Jason run these will be signed and numbered.

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Images Degrading Forever Weekly

“Please sir can I have some more”?

Yes, absolutely! Hopefully no-one here is bothered by Triskaidekaphobia as issue 13 of Images Degrading Forever weekly features some brand-new material!

Starting this week is a new feature “Thoughts and meditations” - and what will its first subject be?

Well in another kind act on the part of lady serendipity, earlier this week I got asked the question the feature answers from none other than Ryan Cecil Smith, yes this Ryan Cecil Smith who’s SFSF2 was a sell out at the recent Brooklyn event!

Over to Ryan...

“If I could ask one question - you mentioned in your blog that for your Kirby reproduction (I think), you are hand lettering the pages from now on, which is different from your earlier projects. Why?? I think the computer lettering gives a feeling of distance between reader and artist.... which is not bad or good, just a consideration... Of course, many artists think about that topic but it's a different subject when you're acting as a mediator between Kirby and your readers, so how does that work for you?”

Well Ryan and hopefully everyone else  this is a 2 part essay which covers this called "The Beauty of Hand Lettering" in this and next weeks IDFW!!!

This plus the ongoing journey though Janson / Millers DareDevil crosses with the rock group Marillion as we find that “Lavender’s Blue”

IDFW is as always only easily available via FREE digital subscription via - get your copy in now! 

Thats it for next week, keep an eye on my twitter this Saturday!

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