Friday, 13 May 2011

Those who live in greenhouses...

Shouldn't throw bricks...  Hey! that applies to me doesn't it?


O'Neil appears to be tiptoeing on (not the tulips but) the top of the Greenhouse of Outland...

Yes you read that right a greenhouse, as if our credulity had not already been stretched by featuring a walk in freezer, a man explosively liquifying on exposure to no atmosphere and a myriad other articles of  un realism in the movie so far

But this does seem to push the envelope even further, I mean a great big huge and well lit greenhosue not previously shown not even in the context of a place for people to go a relax - oh no we had to have a seedy night club for that

The seedy night club fitting in perfectly and a great place to shown the beastly underbody of Outland.

My point being that a Greenhouse doesn't belong not just from a purely technical point of view of shipping all the plants all tens of thousands of miles and having to have climate control water etc to keep them all alive and then at the cost of unnecessary extra waste being produced by the miners eating the plants with the equally incredulous meat from the freezer! A big exercise in economic unreality if there ever was one...

but also from the tonal point of furthering the story, it represents a crunching shift of gears, luckily the scene is relatively short then i guess

Whats that? - oh yeah I guess I must work for the London Brick Company...

Join me next week for (blogger willing and being available) the conclusion to Outland - One finished page a day for 4 days Monday - Thursday with Thursday being the end

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