Monday, 2 May 2011

It's Ballard

So after O'Neil's short 2nd video call with his wife, in which she realises he is up to his neck in it, but still will not just leave Outland behind

O'Neil has a meeting in a dimly lit Escher staircase with the now almost totally reformed Lazarus and the hither fore un-introduced Deputy Ballard (who is the one dominating the drawing below)

In the Movie Ballard does appear before this point, several times... does that make more sense - well when it comes to a certain forthcoming plot point it does

By far the most interesting thing about the above is the above scene literally didn't happen in the movie at all, its not a stylistic reinterpretation its something completely made up

Ballard and Lazarus don't even see each other until later in the movie, O'Neil's question to Ballard does get asked by in O'Neil's office

the Escher staircase never even existed in the movie and the clock didn't intrude on this particular scene

But, the main point being Ballard has to be so large to kind of make up for him not being around now and  gives the reader a far less than subtle hint to keep a eye on him, not just by size but by the fact he is clearly sweating

But why - we will find out eventually

Tomorrow the shuttle finally arrives or starts to at any rate

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