Monday, 30 May 2011

The Anatomy Lesson

If you remember correctly I said there was 2 Votes for 2001 - Well the other vote has come from  EL TIO BERNI who if you remember very kindly decided to post some of my Outland in progress on entrecomics!


Which was fantastic and brought a lot of viewers this way, to thank Berni I offered to draw by hand anything he liked...

Well what he liked was a John Totleben Swamp Thing, which follows below

This offers the intriguing possibility of trying my hand at one of issues that Alan Moore, Steve R Bissette and John Totleben worked on - I would guess "The Anatomy Lesson" (Saga of The Swamp Thing 21) would be a great example

and then I could cover the career of all 3 of these creators in the blog text as I do pages

I think most of my viewers would be happier with me discussing comics as opposed to the meaning of life in which case 2001 is not such a good idea

I would say okay then, I would do Fantastic Four 49 and 50 instead as that is Kirby at his peak and then cover Kirby's career as i churn out the pages, so then I can do Kirby justice - does that sound any better?

Bare in mind I have a special and profound fascination with 2001 and its core subjects so am unlikely to discuss much about comics if i redo the adaptation

But lo, we have an another comics centred possibility which will we discuss tomorrow thanks to Tony Robertson

So okay, what I will do is extend the deadline a bit to the end of next week to give you all a chance to have a say

Majority vote will decide what follows next

Oh and anyone who comes up with a suggestion I will try to do at least one drawing to cover what I think it will be like, so no-one will miss out and I will offer the original to whoever makes the suggestion!

Which reminds me - there is now one drawing to accompany the 2001 blog entry


Douglas thats yours if you want it, just send me a email and I will pop it in the post

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