Monday, 7 March 2011

Like a bolt from the blue

Oh no, not some idiosyncratic title line leading to anything either to do or not to do (that is the question) with the drawing below...

Which upon receiving its liberal pouring of ink is now complete...

No, what I am referring to today is that this humble blog has been discovered and visited by a lot of people in the last few days - all courtesy of the spanish web site entrecomics and EL TIO BERNI..

[UPDATE] Who has kindly translated  his log posting below...

"As Pierre Menard, Robin Barnard is recreating Jim Steranko’s Outland by means of tracing and inking. He has already completed half of the book, and hopes to finish it bu May. Here you can see almost all of the pages he has finished, but traced pages without blacks are even more interesting, as the one you can see over these lines." 

with this bit of line work included as an example...

Well what can one say to this?

It is utterly fantastic that anyone at all would show an interest in my humble / crude attempts at learning to draw let alone in such a particular way

I don't know what to say by being mentioned comparatively to Pierre Menard - the same Pierre Menard who:- "is often used to raise questions and discussion about the nature of authorship and interpretation."

But obviously a big thank you to El Tio Berni and all the viewers who have come this way..

Now you will have to forgive me this small indulgence...

Hola! Tendrá que perdonar mi español en realidad estoy usando untraductor que explica muchas cosas!
Sin embargo, muchas muchas gracias a El Tío Berni y todos los quehan visitado este sitio debido a su increíble anuncio!
Espero que os haya gustado!

[UPDATE] For those who was curious, I used Google translate... (sorry)

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