Wednesday, 5 January 2011

"which actually makes absolutely no sense"...

That's what I said yesterday about the inclusion of the large emergency sign in the large top panel on the page I am working on..

But in hindsight was I right?

Well - Let's look at why I thought that..

It can't really be the oversized nature of the sign (on it's own) as there have been a few examples of those before , though its worth noting the size of the clock or the words above the time (if you can see them) by comparison

It's more that I wondered if the absolute last place you would have a flashing emergency sign flashing is right inside the compartment where the emergency is happening - I mean its a fairly safe bet the person inside the compartment either already knows they are in a predicament (take the guy from the airlock) or in this case would actually be pushed into more of a panicked frenzy knowing that the "police" are on their way..

As the sign is inside a room which has a hostage situation - anyone will tell you it takes delicate handling and consideration in those situations not huge great big red flashing signs in your face... but hey, what do I know?

The thing that occurred to me is that Steranko is using this as a story telling device, but that only makes sense if he was expecting the reader to assume that the one page splash was the end of the scene in question..?

Maybe having a complete scene per two page spread and no further beforehand made this go in?

You tell me!

Best get on with blacking this all in... tomorrow

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