Monday, 3 January 2011

A page a day?

I am going to try an experiment today, as it's a day off work..

So I thought I would try and pretend for just one day that I was a illustrator and had to do one page a day..

To get a feel what doing this as a paying career would be like

So that's what I have been doing so far - Its taken about 3 hours to get the fine line into place on top of the pencils…
But the amount of blacking in to do is rather large, so let's get on and see how far I can get!

UPDATE:- I now only have another 2 of the 8 hours I allocated to draw a page and it looks like I will be lucky to do all the black in - so I best get drawing..!

FINAL UPDATE:- I went way over the 2 hours to finish the blacking in, no time left to pencil the next page, so I did not complete a entire page from scratch in a day
Lessons Learned:-
  1. I seem to get slower and slower as the day went on, this is the longest amount of time I have spent consecutively drawing, even though I had a break once every two hours to try and pace myself and reduce the offset of cramp. It's a bit like just deciding to run a Marathon without any training or preparation - or gradual warm up to the ultimate destination.  What I should I have done is built up the amount of time I draw over a period of time, however this was not possible, as all I had was one day - but a word to the wise I would never just work through, It's difficult to type right now!
  2. The axiom of "first you get good, then you get fast" obviously applies in spades to yours truly - I have not got good yet, so I can hardly expect to be fast - and yes I am still on my 2000 bad drawings!
Tomorrow we are back to normal and about 3-4 hours a day spent on drawing..!

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