Wednesday, 12 January 2011

"The first cut wont hurt at all"

So here we go..

In the movie and in the comic adaptation we have a prostitute under attack by a nameless worker with a knife...

The knife a lot clearer in the movie..

So montone goes up a air shaft (unshown in the art) while o'neil talks his way through the situation and (in the movie) manages to talk the guy into dropping the knife altogether at which point Monotone drops to the ground and just shoots the guy point blank

and then the door opens at the same second and in comes o'neil asking why..

But in the comic as with the graphically different depiction in the top panel, it is only revealed in the last panel that the man Monotone just shot did not have a knife at all, and is shown on the previous page still clearly holding it

In the movie it is absolutely clear that Monotone had no real reason to shoot (other than a knee jerk reaction) while in the comic its less clear cut or more likely to be a mistake...

This is worth mentioning as this is one of the examples of Steranko writing around the unnecessary explanation of the already fairly thin plot to the audience

In the movie there are scenes shown consistently with someone passing on some substance - just before the guy stepped in the elevator and just before this guy decided to go with a prostitute - in the comic there are no such scenes and for the time being in the comic the reason behind it all remains a mystery and all the more interesting for it

It also makes for a more interesting definition of Montone, who in the movie suddenly does something completely out of character clearly pointing the way to something rotten going on - while in the comic - no such thing..

The next sequence deals with the examination of the prostitute by our friendly Doctor Lazarus... 

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