Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cut down one - and another takes its place

So here we go with the right hand side of the page - where all the action is again..

There is a quite a lot happening here - but I wanted to focus today on another possible Steranko Cliche - This time with the deliberately added surgeons (none in the movie - in fact the dialogue from Lazarus explaining its just her is on the previous two page spread -) who look identical and...

Rather like the medical wing of Hydra - those evil agents as featured in Sternako's "Agent of Shield".. It was with these agents that Steranko started to develop his stylistic take on costumes and fabric in his first comics (working over kirby layouts) which expanded into everything he did and is featured very heavily in all of Outland

So I wonder if the inclusion of these surgeons is a nod and wink to the fans paying attention...

Hey! I was talking to you

Oh yes I did some pencils as well.. unfortunately...

Tomorrow we examine O'Neil and Lazarus - just what is going on here?!

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