Thursday, 16 December 2010

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Now let's "compare the meerkat" between the Comic and the Outland movie for a moment…

This particular scene is markedly different in the movie as O'Neil and his wife are face to face but separated by her being on a video screen as a message and the movie alternates between "talking heads" shots of O'Neil and his wife

In short he goes through this emotional upheaval full on, not at anything like the same distance at all and its made all the more painful and real for doing so (or at least that's the intention)- now there is another scene in the movie, where O'neil replays the video message again (apparently to underline how much the loss means to him) and he occasionally looks at it - this time at a bit more of a distance..

But this scene is not in the comic adaptation either and there are also some other key moments missed

Find out what they are soon… and what this is all building up to...

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