Wednesday, 15 December 2010

She just called to say...

So offsetting all the darkness and distance between o'neil and his family portrait is a video call from what can only be his wife..

(quoting from memory the movie dialog)..

"I hate these things" (referring to the video answer machine) "but I couldn't face you and say this…"

"but i'm leaving. "

Sounds very much like O'neil's being dumped…? But, wait there is more…

"it's not you" she says, "it's Paulie" (their child) who has never had a normal environment, never seen Earth

She goes on to describe Earth which in a twist from the usual science fiction story, sounds like its all in one piece as she talks about breathing real air and seeing blue skies (no dystopia here)… and pleads with o'neil to come to earth with them

and says she loves him (from the bottom of her heart?)

In the movie this scene amounts to the only real bit of character moment for o'neil as a person

Why would he stay behind in the perpetual shadow on io when his family and earth awaits him

His wife says he is stubborn but there must be more to it than that? Or is there?

And does this 2 page spread convey the feeling that should be here or say something else entirely…

Find out tomorrow

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