Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Scotsman's Home is his Castle

In Sean Connery's case that is probably literally true.. 

but in Outland as O'Neil Steranko's text describes his apartment as being "a narrow and confined space"…

But hang on a minute it is rather clearly shown in the movie a bit later on (and even in this adaptation to a lesser degree) that all the workers have is a cage like cube (all stacked next to and on top of each other) with just about enough room for a mattress and very little privacy…

(Yes that is Steven Berkoff…)

anyways - a glance at the drawing, shows plenty of indications that this is a typical Bachelor pad:- the unmade and untidy bed, bits of paper strewn on the floor, hardly any lights on and no sign of the occupant in the main living area...

That's until you see the little corner on the left hand side, with a Teddy Bear and a family picture - so what's going on here…?

Oh you have to the next page to find that out

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