Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Lesson in contrast

Ah, not the type of contrast we have seen so far, where everyone seems to live in half if not 3 quarters of shadow, although there is some of that on this page…

It's the contrast of styles Steranko has chosen which make this page really interesting, all the background characters and the all the pipes and wall parts of the medical facility are all very fine line

On top of this we have the cut-out locked in black and white style we are used to but for the main characters only, here we see Monotone and part of O'Neil's arm stand out sharply and lot sharper than they would say, imposed over a huge pool of black…

The message is clear, this is what's important the foreground, the background for all its ridiculous meticulousness might as well be semi transparent

It makes for a compelling contrast from anything seen before and brings the focus back to more regular figure dynamics, with Montone ruling the whole page - even though he is not grossly oversized

Next page, we will see the rest of O'neil and --- The Lady who came back from the Dead…!

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