Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Don't turn your back on me!

So here we go with another big cut out shadow of a figure for o'neil…

This time he has his back completely to us and remains expressionless and as before most of the actual "action" within the scene that is set by the massive 2 page spread panel - actually occurs in the tiny talking heads panels down below

But at least this time round the figures are in a more typical proportion, with Montone and Lazarus being roughly the same size and o'neil literally casting a shadow over them all

This does - at least to my eyes bring even more focus to the background remaining fine line and almost melting away into pointlessness this time not just featuring the almost ubiquitous pipes and wall features, but also some random people who remain chipers

The exact same random people who just a few pages back could have been taking up a entire page…

There are so many examples of this adaptation being a triumph of literal reinvention of the form over any substance it does enter the realm of surreality

and that's what continues to get me excited about doing each page, just what is coming next..?

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