Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Babe of Thunder!

The Babe of Thunder!

The heavy hand of co-incidence reaches out for the 2nd time in this ongoing project, as the internet is currently ablaze with reactions to the notion that Thor The God Of Thunder could be female!

And what better way to address this than to present my attempt at recreating a page by one of best known creators ever to make Thor Comics, none other than Walt Simonson!

It just so happens that this is the next page in She-Hulk!

Simonson is clearly directly parodying his own approach to Thor, tons of expository dialogue and a energy filled drawing all saying EPIC in great big capital letters, this page literally crackles at you!

And Simonson himself says in the dialogue that the idea of a of female Thor is above the same level as all the existing pantheon of Asgardians and the most powerful of all!

And why not? In this context the notion of “a god” is purely a concept, myth that is ages old that can and has been shaped many different ways not just in the comics or in the movies but in the real word, be it Nordic culture or the culture of the rest of the word

In this context in which an artist is making a depiction that art its is passing the concept though a filter of his or her own experiences and beliefs 

There is nothing to say in this context as a comic that any one perception or depiction of these beliefs are any more “right” than another

There could and should be a Thor for everyone, that is a true myth - so in this context Thor is literally defined by not only the person relating the mythical story but also the reader reading it

Why not take this chance to celebrate some diversity and variety in what in some cases can be a bit of a limited world view

What really matters is that you have a passion for Thor and you see him or her as one of sources of inspiration 

To narrow down and really put an epic myth like Thor in just one pigeon box, while I can understand this to some degree, it is really a bit limiting

So I am saying why not judge on the basis of having read the comics and having understood the context in which the female Thor is going to happen - if you don’t like it then fine, but don’t just reject the concept without collecting together some evidence

Having said all that, Simonson then goes on to make a direct reference to Madonnas clothing, most famously the “cone bra” 

If anything this is actually a good comparison, do you honestly think your impression of Madonna really dictates anything she does?!

No you take her as she is your either like her or do not and either point of view is equally valid

Having pushed out the boat somewhat, NEXT WEEK will feature the return of Super Spidey-Man!

She-hulk will continue in two weeks time!

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