Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lactaphobes unanimous!

Okay it is time for a change of complete pace - it is getting kinda stuffy in here!

This blog is not safe for anywhere - but especially not work - read on at your own risk!

We start of with the usual dose of crass commercialism...

April is rainy season
If the non-stop rain combined with a logic defying hose pipe ban is not bad enough, April also has to put up with issue 3 of Doubt land - whatever that is!  The guy who made this comic is only charging £1 for an issue - well that's because it sucks - I mean it won't even keep you dry in all this rain

Trust me, don't click the link below or buy an issue - that way no more will be published!

Comica Comkiet
Due to reasons beyond our control, Images Degrading Forever will be making an unfortunate appearance at the Comica Comiket this Saturday 21st April

But its not all bad news, theres plenty of other things to see and do and many creators of much greater calibre, so just walk on past the IDF table and pretend you didn't see the guy waving a fanzine in your face!

The department of common sense has unfortunately checked out meaning that the table to avoid will be laden with all of the following unwanted items:-

Images Degrading Monthly - 3 issues will all be on offer including an exclusive show preview of the May issue These all will be FREE - well lets face it no-one would be interested if it cost anything, right?

Doubt land - all 4 issues will be available, including an exclusive show preview of the 4th and final issue - mostly because hardly anyones brought an issue yet - They will be on sale for the unfeasibley high cost of £1 per issue or a show special of £3 for all 4 issues - that's daylight robbery!

And to complete the bad news in this area some twit will probably be twittering the whole day with photos and pun inducing captions from the comiket, unless I can claw the smartphone out of his cold dead hands…

Its two to midnight!
What's this?! Oh apparently the one who keeps doing these drawings would like to know if anyone reading this blog would be interested in seeing an issue of Watchmen reproduced here?

Apparently Watchmen is a big deal or something - I prefer "Harlem Heroes" or "Rouge Trooper" (by the same artist) personally - Well if you give a hoot, send a email or post a comment - or better yet don't do either - that way this will not happen

I mean just look at this page! What a mess - who would want to see more of that?! Mr Dave Gibbons, please protest most furiously before this gets out of hand

I have been told you have two weeks, this week and next week to let us know if you would like to see Watchmen or maybe the one who does the drawings will do something else instead…

Speaking of which

Lactaphobes unanimous!
This weeks drawn subject is none other than Evan Dorkin and features his best known creations Milk and Cheese…

I had to take the computer away to stop that guy from endlessly going on about the artistic merits of this work as he is prone to do and thought it much better to just reproduce the drawing below, but very very small ("Hah! Thats what you think" says The one who draws), that way it won't melt your eyeballs as much and also a big massive super parental advisory and not safe for work etc applies to this - if you find anything remotely offensive - it's best not to read this

Apologies of course to Mr Dorkin, who was actually kind enough to grant permission for reproduction - Bet he wished he stayed in bed now

As for Milk and Cheese, they can speak for themselves - they certainly won't let anyone else get a word in edgeways

Next week - the final page of Milk and Cheese and more of the same in the text - maybe

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