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A poor worker blames his tools

A poor worker blames his tools

Is what “he who hunts alone” appears to be doing in the next completed page of 2001:-

As he observes that “this club has failed me”

But wait a minute here – previously “he who hunts alone” had just taken down a Proclameus (a neo-camel) and then “the others” wanted to join in for the kill - rather than do that and have everyone benefit (the whole point in hunting in a tribe, which “he who hunts alone” most assuredly does not) he chose to beat off “the others” with fist and club

So losing the kill is a consequence of this, right – not due to any lack of tool – “he who hunts alone” a victim of his own bullying and prejudice --- or?

Let’s reserve judgement for now and see how that works out as the story goes on

So the thing to focus on this time is how “he who hunts alone” makes 2 very good observations – 

1) if he had killed or injured the Proclameus seriously enough with his first strike he wouldn’t still be hungry right now and 

2) that a long sharp tooth would be a great killing tool as he has seen a saber tooth tiger use one very successfully

Both of those indicate developing  intelligence in the battle for survival and indicates that “he who hunts alone” has a positive future

But we have to hold in our minds that for reasons still not yet disclosed that only “he who hunts alone” is the recipient of the monoliths influence and thus the development shown does not apply to “the others” and there is the whole question as to why that would be particularly – even more so given that hunting in a group succeeds in a higher kill rate

There is also a slight but telling development in “he who hunts alone” wanting to ask the monolith for a sharp tooth, there is a degree of dependency here – he already knows where he can get a tooth so why does he even need to ask?

Meanwhile “the others” drag themselves off the ground and determine that they need to visit the Monolith, perceiving both it and “he who hunts alone” as a threat to their survival and who can blame them giving the beating they have just been given

It’s an interspecies evolutional race to survival and in a Darwinian world only the fastest and strongest survive – right?

I mean hopefully we all have heard the one about “What did the last Neanderthal say to the first Cro-Magnon”

Well that’s another question that the next few pages will hopefully answer

But we will see…

New Years Resolutions
It has been a very good year for Images Degrading Forever at least from my point of view. I am still constantly surprised that people visit the blog and actually read it!

Hopefully I have developed somewhat over the last 12 months both in terms of trying to draw and trying to write, but as ever I will leave that for you readers to decide (and comment or email me on)

One thing is certain I am actually willing to look and plan ahead, which is one thing I normally do not like doing, so I must have a reached a certain comfort level to do this

With that in mind I think I will base the Images Degrading resolutions on things I hope to achieve as that basically what New years resolutions are all about

I purposely have not provided much detail as I don’t intend on spoiling anything, particularly when it’s still only an outline idea and yes some of these things have already started

IDF Resolutions

The Blog will have at least one thing unique that is not available in any other medium
Anything published (Like the “fanzine” Images Degrading Forever Weekly) will also have at least one thing unique that is not available in any other medium

I will try and publish one thing and only one thing a month and spend that month focused on let you all know about that one thing

I will try and keep a free “fanzine” (Like Images Degrading Forever Weekly) going for as long as demand continues

I will attend more comics based events and give away as many free fanzines as I can manage to get more readers

I will try and encourage more feedback – I will try and giveaway some items to anyone contributing

I will try and generate more material both drawings and text items

I will try and do some more “concept” based drawings

Images Degrading Forever Weekly
We are up to issue 15 of the Frank Miller / Klaus Janson Daredevil run in which i contemplate the differences / similarities between The Kingpin and the TV show The Apprentice. 

IDFW as ever is a FREE digital publication, just send me a email and I will send you a copy every week

Next week
January is Images Degrading Forever Collected Edition Volume 1 month – join me then !

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  1. Hey Robin, I've been meaning to say that your hand lettering looks GREAT in these pages.

    I also would suggest that you try using some different tools in these drawings. It's just my opinion, but Kirby has a cool PUSH and PULL effect that is fun to try to recreate by alternating thick pens, thin pens, a brush pen, or even a brush if you want to try it. Just an idea... hey why don't I try it??? That's cool right????