Thursday, 3 November 2011

Teetering on the edge of greatness

That is Turk is doing on this next completed page of Daredevil...

To paraphrase a famous playwright - Alas Poor Turk, we knew him well

Or did we?

If we look back, it seems at least to me the opportunity to flesh out Turks character and motivations in this issue was deliberately missed, everyone else gets fleshed out and some even have less per page exposure than Turk here

If you have been reading so far then you can probably already guess why I think Turk was deliberately not given the extra dimension Frank and Klaus applied to everything else

This is one hand hand - as I have already mentioned - to purposely and deliberately underline the concept of a lame super villain in terms of the complete lack of realism regarding their “super-powers” be it leap-frog as Turk mistakenly identified Wilbur Day the real Stilt man, who let’s face it, is just tall.

It takes a real and particularly good leap of imagination to actually think a battle between Daredevil and Stilt man for real would actually take more than a few panels / pages “Did I not mention that I tied a bit of cable in-between these buildings at your knee height” DareDevil could say, for example.

But then there is another level, to point out how having the lame villain behave in a certain way, without any real defined proper motivation or depth of character is equally as bad.

Which is why I think Turk is lacking in character here.

Essentially though humorous and made light of in this issue, Frank and Klaus do have as serious point behind their mockery and this is to essentially say, the methods that they have been using in Daredevil all have a very good and thought out reason for being, they are not elements included just for sensationalism or entertainments self alone but all have more than one layer and depth to them, making the story a much more real, tangible and even affecting thing.

This is essentially what fans was queuing up in droves to see in Daredevil.

But at least on some level you could say this is Frank and Klaus saying Daredevil is not Dour he does have a sense of humor, but that doesn't mean we have to embrace farcical comic book elements / tropes and make things less real as a consequence.

Next week, Turk returns to terra firma and Daredevil again finds something is wrong

Images Degrading Forever Weekly

If you have been following this little publication so far, you will hopefully see that its actually some months behind this blog - I am not quite sure what I am going to do about that exactly yet.

But for now I think I am going to stop posting the IDF Weekly on the blog and just stick to digital subscriptions (just send me a email) or print - the last issue here will be in  2 weeks time Thursday 18th November 2011, so if you want to get a copy from that point on its best to send me a email to

Also to sweeten the deal there will be all new material that has not be seen anywhere else appearing in IDFW, starting in issue 13 which will be coming out Saturday 17th December 2011...

For now, here is issue 7 - I hope you like it

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