Thursday, 10 November 2011

Here you go, way too fast - Don't slow down you're gonna...

Crash! - So go the lyrics of a song originally by The Primitives

And a very loud crash indeed is what we get on the next completed page of Daredevil:-

As Turk makes his re-acquaintance with the ground and then some, only being able to offer a very soft “ow” as his moment of reflection occurs on the roof of a building some stories below where he was shown to be - which as mentioned before seemed to be a master class in distorted perception with New York looking like it does was a airplane!

But ah, no that’s the reason why the Crash was so loud, as Daredevil falls to the floor and its Lavenders turn to ask “are you okay?”

Daredevil reflecting that his hearing went temporarily haywire again, just as it did earlier with foggy, but for much less of a period of time.

Daredevil is off into the distance by the next panel and misses out on the redemption in Lavender’s face in the final panel.

If we go back a few pages to where Daredevil dropped off those copies of copies, the last panel of that page and this page are the beginning and end of the mini arc - of Lavender doubting and questioning Daredevils motives to start with (with a serious face dim
dismissively calling him a show off) and ending with gratitude and reconsideration (again describing him as a showoff but in heroic terms), maybe Lavender thinks to herself Daredevil isn’t such a bad person after all, he just saved my life.

But - Daredevil had another guilty reaction in taking down Turk, so its very clear that his motivation in doing so was not just motivated by heroics if it was even motivated by heroics at all, as it could be argued Lavender just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time

Daredevils subconscious is again telling him that what he is doing is wrong, but is is going to listen or is it just too late already?

Given there is now only one more page left, it should come as little surprise which is the  most likely answer...

Images Degrading Forever Weekly

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For now, here is issue 8 - I hope you like it

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