Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Montone is dead...

So goes the dialogue starting the next instalment, as seen below

but the death itself happens completely "off screen" in the comic and is not depicted at all.. instead all we get is a brief explanation "killed because O'Neil came too close to discovering the truth"

Which, well - doesn't bare scrutiny that much, after all O'Neil has already uncovered that the workers are going crazy and dying as a result of strong and very illegal drugs which are being smuggled in under supervision of Outlands manager himself Shepherd, - I mean how much more truth has O'Neil to uncover here?!

Rather than dwell on that, lets step back a bit and look at the movie in which post finding Spotas air hose cut by a knife, O'Neil finds Montone in his apartment strangled by a garrotte which is still tied around his neck

Either way really Montones death does not make much sense as anything less than an act of rash panic of the part of the person ordering the murders...

I mean murdering Montone as an "example" to O'Neil does not make much sense, as if anything the powers that be rather O'Neil be like Montone as in he knows the situation but is quite happy to take a bit of money and look the other way and not interfere...

Isn't then the message by killing Montone as a warning then to be NOT like Montone?!

All we are left with realistically is panic on the part of the person ordering the murders and the need to introduce some twist / excitement into the movies story by the writer

For one of the main characters its a pretty bad way to go - either way in comic of movie it should have been a bit different - I don't know if I would agree that not showing it all makes more sense as Montone being killed by a garrotte is a plot point

of this double page spread we are looking at right now... 

Does this mean there is another  murderer or there is suddenly a shortage of knifes - find out some more over the next few days

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