Monday, 10 January 2011

Contains items of a sexually explicit nature

Well, depending on your point of view - this page does, so I have kept it small:-

This page also presented itself with a dilemma - should I just put it up here or not and if so how?

By keeping it small and making the subject a warning I am making a statement regarding censorship, be it right or wrong

From what I remember (and I could be wrong) Frank Miller would most definitely say I was wrong doing anything other than just presenting the page as it was intended....

And possibly not quite so nicely either..!

The main problem with offence is there is no realistic way to judge it, unless your the person who has been offended.

I personally think it a lot more than reasonable to say the picture is not suitable for children - hence the warning...

Anyway having set that precedent - where to go to next, as I have obviously been leading up to a study of this page... hmmm find out starting tomorrow...

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