Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Matt Senca "Versus" Glamourpuss

Hey! Remember I said I thought I may have been incredibly lucky a couple of posts back?

Well It turns out I have heard from the ever incredible Matt Senca - who as I am sure most of you visiting this blog right now will know writes his fantastic blog Death to the Universe!

Death to the universe!

And by fantastic I mean it's delightful and incredibly informative and fun to read, Matt obviously not only totally loves comics, but has a incredible knowledge of comic art in all it's forms - whenever he writes about material it's hard to not get inspired!

Matt has wrote the following words on the Outland-ish experiment :-

"Robin Barnard is off in his own universe, sailing beautifully part Jupiter, and you oughta watch for the next while because it's getting better all the time."

Thanks so much Matt!

Yes Matt is also generous with his time and is happy to give people a hand - that makes him one in a million in my book

And Hello to anyone visiting here - I am more to happy to answer any questions anyone has!

But what is this about Glamourpuss - you may ask?!

Well in counter-point to Matt's missive -

Yours truly is mentioned once again in Glamourpuss issue 15 out now and this is what Glamourpuss had to say when describing my methods (mind you she has not seen what I am doing now and is not my agent for what I am doing now either):-

"Try not caring so much. Allow your pen to wander where it will with no conscious direction from yourself, just as if you were a two-year-old with no grasp of corruptions like form, design, technique or style.  Before you know it, glamourpuss might agree to be your agent!"

For those not keeping track (probably everyone) Glamourpuss (as my agent) has offered 3 of my other pieces of work for sale:-

Just goes to show you!

Has that cow been milked already - you may ask? 

Well I do have quite a number of "Glamour-gals" similar to the above littering the table I draw on - hmmm should I send these on?! Or has that horse been beaten enough already?

Let me know!

Oh yeah - best get on with penciling that next page - sorry got distracted then!


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