Friday, 10 September 2010

Hey there,

Well it's been a quiet few months on the Images Degrading Forever front - and its my fault for getting so distracted - Of course the experiment is still very much open to all, so grab hold of the images and have a go yourself!

I have been thinking - well in the meantime what can I do to keep this blog full of new material and stay within the idea of taking images and degrading them?

Simple enough just do some more "re-interpretations" of art myself! But what?

That was a question for a while and I had a backlog of other stuff to do - but that's finally cleared my table - and at the moment inspiration came - once again from Matt Senca's utterly insightfully and enjoyable Death to the Universe blog:-

Death to the Universe!

For some reason or another I have a compulsion to do something (in my eyes) thats just completely left field to push myself to ridiculous extremes (given my actual ability) by attempting to rework the more outlandish examples of comic material thats out there

I have the notion that this is the way to learn how to draw better myself, which I am still very much working on

So what are we talking about, could this be a literal train wreck ? Quite possibly

As the idea that has lodged in my mind is that finally I wanted to rework a entire comic, not just one (or even several images) from one. In short I feel I have to learn about layout pacing and things like that of which I will cheerfully accept I know little about!

Perhaps this explains the choice of material, but I am more inclined to think I had to pick something that provided enough inspiration and excitement for me to have a chance of completing the project

Yes that's right - at the moment I do not know if I can or even will actually complete this, so this could end up being a train wreck on several levels

But I know from experience that I tend to produce material regularly if I think someone is actually looking at it, so putting it here seemed to make sense

Anyways - look this is it - I am going to attempt to rework Steranko's outland

Yep - you read that right - Streanko's outland

The thing that has already grabbed me about this already is that it is reminding me of Frank Millers Sin City when it first came out as it has that same literally locked contrast approach to black and white!

I am already joking to myself that what I am attempting should be sponsored by the company that provides ink as I am using so much!

Anyways enough hyperbole

You can join in with this mad outlandish project if you like

Here is a scan of the first page I am working on now:-
Here is my pencils of the same (for anyone else to have a go at "degrading'):-

And here is how far I have got so far with spilling ink after 1 day:-

As you can guess this project may well take me quite some time - so lets say that conservatively I might actually get done in about 40 some weeks, 1 page a week basically

I would love to hear what anyone thinks about this - but no I have not quite cut my ear off yet - despite what Glamourpuss 12 said!

Oh and of course my sincere and most heartfelt apologies to Jaunty Jim !

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  1. This is gonna be totally EPIC. I'm here for the duration, and with bated breath to boot. Looks good so far!