Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 2 Of Inking

Well I have managed to finish the first panel! Just that is giving me more of an idea of what an undertaking this will be...

This is how far I got by the end of yesterday

Those small panels at the bottom are going to be very tricky - it's a lot easier to do something big with a lot of detail than something small where you have to really look to figure out what is supposed to be there!

The Methods
In what will probably be a series of mini features - I will cover a method I use for doing something particular - just to give you an idea!  This time - have a look at the stars in the above - now as far as I know most artists black in everything and then use a white out pen or white paint to put in stars afterwards - not me as I am not that good with the whiteout pen - so I line the outside of the stars around 1 and half times bigger than they should be and then black around the rest - actually that's probably more difficult - well it certainly accounts for why they are "appealingly all over the place"!

Speaking of which - I think I may have just got incredibly lucky - Keep you eyes out for the next few updates

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