Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Experiment Begins - What is it?

Matt Senca upon reviewing the “drawings” that appear in “Glamour, not!” my first attempt at a comic on his excellent blog “Death to the Universe”

Said “I want to see these pictures degrading forever. Imagine if a page of Kirby pencils was passed to inkers from Joe Sinnott to Mike Royer to Vince Colletta -- on and on, down through Kirbyites like Scioli and Erik Larsen, down until it was being traced and traced by random SVA students, each new set of inks going over the old until it wasn't images at all anymore, just random things a mass of different people had made, just a block of art.”

This Blog has been launched in the hopes of seeing if this experiment is actually possible and I would love you to take part – yes you – experience of drawings is not necessary – in fact the less experience you have the more interesting the results will be!

All you have to do is visit and download at least one of the PDFS here:-

– print it out and let you imagination go wild – you can literally do anything you want there are no rules, you could ink in stripes like a zebra pattern, you could just throw ink on the page randomly, you can pay homage to any number of inking styles, apply your own and or be as true or untrue to the originals as you want to be and once done email the end result to me

Once someone has done 1 of the 5 the originals – the original will then be replaced with the submission for the next person to download and so on - here is an example I made earlier:-

Now for taking part – I will be more than happy to give each individual person who takes part – at least all of the following all free of charge:-

Complete ownership and copyright to the finished work to remain with the author in return for publication on this blog and downloading for another artist to have a go and for one off publication

A copy of Glamourpuss 12 – featuring my awful art

A copy of a one –off publication containing all the finished pieces as submitted

So let’s get started

I will be doing 1 piece and Matt Senca will hopefully take a turn on one as well, so the game is already afoot – let’s see how far the experiment goes – I am sure it will be interesting!


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